Thursday, 15 May 2014

My Favourite Trio........

  My favourite little trio are back in my life once more! Ever since I created the two Myrna dolls and whipped up a little painting of Nora Charles promoting me in the National Vintage Awards I've had ideas of creating a little set of prints featuring Nick, Nora and Asta. Thought I'd start off with a portrait study......

  These will be listed in my shop over the weekend and sold in a set. Each image is postcard size but they will have a white boarder, making each print approx A5 in size. I realise that Asta is huge compared to Nick and Nora so I'm debating whether to make him a little smaller but I have to say he makes me laugh as he is - so we'll see.

The Thin Man Trio....Gouache and Watercolour

  In previous posts I have chatted and rambled at length about my favourite sleuthing trio (Wouldn't it be lovely to have them over for dinner!) and I'm fairly certain that I know them well enough to create some illustration studies as my possible next project. I will endeavour to keep all the wit, charm and style that they hold and can almost definitely promise a cocktail or two!

I love this outfit Nora wears in her first scene in the first Thin Man movie 1934  Decided to dress her like this for my illustration - cute little hat, big fur collar , lace and perfect curls. 

  Secondly I need a few more votes to catch up in the Vintage Awards so if you fancy badgering your husbands, wives, partners and friends into popping in their email addresses and voting for me that would be tippity top! Obviously show them what they're voting for first!

  Once more here's the link
  Scroll to Best Artist Category, find my name SarahBurford/CuriousPip, pop in your email and click vote!

  Ta ever so! xxx

  My husband is coming with me to the awards and we're both really looking forward to a splendid evening. It was a bit hit and miss whether he was going to be able to make it due to work commitments but now he can!! Hoorah!