Thursday, 1 May 2014

The National Vintage Awards......

  Dear friends,

  This year I am nominated in 'Best Artist' category at the National Vintage Awards I'm excited and a bit nervous to be honest. I'm always a bit shy (silly really) about self publication and asking people to do things for me but if I could count on your Vote that would be marvellous!

  I hold dear each and every one of you that reads my blog, sends me lovely emails and buys my art dolls and prints. Without you and your support Curious Pip wouldn't have reached the dizzy heights of success it's enjoying now. Therefore I would be really grateful if you could click on a few buttons and VOTE FOR ME!


  **To do so go to the link I've just given 'Vote for Me' and click on the category that I'm in 'Best Artist' Find my name SarahBurford/CuriousPip and click on me! below that you will be asked to fill in your email as you're only entitled to one vote per category - this is in order to make it fair and doesn't mean you will be added to any lists for spam or junk mail! Adding in your email is very important otherwise your vote won't be counted... Then press VOTE** 

  I work incredibly hard and with an absolute passion for my work so I need your help. In order to make it to the shortlist I need votes! From today May 1st 2014 I will be put forward for public vote via an online poll. Very nervous!

  Thankyou in advance and please share with your friends, family, etc... I have added some of my latest working eye candy so if you're new to Curious Pip you can see what sort of work you're voting for! xxxxx

Myrna Loy as Nora Charles...

Myrna Loy designs and  working progress...

Ta Da! Jean Harlow and Myrna Loy
Land Girls.........

Working progress snaps for the 'Day in the Life of Jean Harlow'

Pen and Ink - Cocktails With Myrna

  Happy Thursday!!!

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