Friday, 13 June 2014

Lola the Beautiful Cabaret Artist and Knife Thrower's Assistant....

  The designing, sketching, stitching and sewing of this mysterious Miss left me yearning for the dazzling romance of an old travelling circus...

Lola started off in a grey star studded costume but I ended up adding a bright red jacket inspired by the 1930's one I bought for myself on a recent holiday.

I have designed Lola's body a little differently... She has a wire framed movable head and a longer swan like neck. Her cloche is made with an original piece of 1920's haberdashery.

  Many images inspired the creation of Lola, including Myrna Loy's image in her very early vamp years. Myrna Loy featured in several movies in the 1920's sporting a short blonde wig that came to little curls on her forehead. In 'What Price Beauty' released in 1928 - which is sadly now a piece of lost footage, she played 'the intellectual vampire' and wore a red velvet pajama outfit designed by Adrian, a costume in which Myrna described in her autobiography as 'very,very snaky'

  Images of a very young vampy Myrna Loy at the beginning of her long career.

Movable head in action!

Ta Da!! Wired legs too!

Working progress........Little circus slippers..

  Other visuals which contributed to my inspiration included Vanessa Paradis in the sensual, arty and oh so beautiful 'La Fille Sur Le Pont' (Girl on the Bridge 1999) and dear little Jodie Foster as Tallulah in 'Bugsy Malone' 1976

Vanessa Paradis in Girl on the Bridge

Jodie Foster

Hanging around, waiting for another shoe and a few beads and buttons here and there.

   Pip xx

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