Friday, 4 July 2014

Bringing Up Baby......

  This week along with commissions and other creations I have up my sleeve, I've been working on a new little set of paintings, created in a similar vein to my popular 'Thin Man Trio'

Gouache and watercolour portraits of The 'Bringing up Baby' team

  I love Katherine Hepburn but I guess she's never been top of my list as a possible doll creation....that is until now... She's going to be such a challenge as her beautiful face is the very opposite to my usual Pip 'look' I'm going to give it a go though and see what happens. I might even give her a leopard in the same way I've given my Myrna dolls an Asta!

  'Bringing Up Baby' is just about one of the funniest of all the screwball comedies. Cary Grant gets funnier and funnier the more stressed and strung out he gets as paleontologist Dr. David Huxley (alias Mr. Bone) while Katherine Hepburn is perfectly paired as bold, accident prone, vivacious heiress Susan Vance. Some of the scenes in this movie are beyond hilarious especially the scene in which Susan's wealthy aunt returns to find David dressed in whimsy marabou - trimmed negligee!  I've so thoroughly enjoyed watching this movie again and think I'm going to get my little boy to watch it too - he'll love it! Pacey antics and beyond perfect comic timing.

   Interesting too that we should see our favourite little wire fox terrier in this movie (aka Asta from The Thin Man movies) He plays George Susan's family pet dog! So love him.

Cary Grant, Skippy (dog's name in real life) as George (also the famous Asta in The Thin Man) and Katherine Hepburn wearing a fabulous coolie hat I might add!

  I am still working on the Myrna Loy inspired illustrations and will hopefully have them scanned and in my shop along with the 'Bringing Up Baby' trio at some point next week! 

  Have a super weekend!! x


  1. I love this movie and your sketches!! My favorite part is when she breaks the heel on her shoe and starts walking around and says something about being born on the side of a hill (can't remember exact quote).

    1. Hi there, yes isn't it fantastic! I know exactly to bit you mean. Infact all the madcap looking for the buried bone is hilarious (oh look David another boot!) So thrilled to hear you enjoy my work - thankyou!