Friday, 29 August 2014

'The Sewists' by Josephine Perry....

  A few weeks ago I received my very own copy of Josephine Perry's 'The Sewists'....

   I'm very proud to announce that today 29th August 2014 is publication day for this incredibly neat and well styled little book. Each chapter is dedicated to 20 different DIY projects from designer/makers, including myself, Abigail Brown, The Felt Mistress and Hand-Printed textile designer Jessica Hayes Gill - to name just a few.

  I was so thrilled when first approached about the book that I set to work on creating a very simple little Pip doll pattern, which can easily be duplicated into lots of little characters to form a mobile circus decoration! It was also a joy to spend a delightful 'interview' afternoon with author, designer/maker and sewing workshop tutor Josephine Perry. Thankyou Missy for popping me amongst the pages of this fabulous publication! x

  'The Sewists' is out now! Published by Laurence King  available on amazon and in all good bookshops.

The original of this design (which was such fun to make) has been hanging in my little boy's bedroom for over a year. I think he's well and truly claimed it.

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