Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Dark Haired Sirens....

The Lonely Mermaid....Watercolour

A Sad Siren.....Watercolour

  In the past I've created lots of pastel haired, bathing belles with colourful tails, shell and flower accessories and Summery, carefree dispositions.....

  My latest Mermaid fascination has me concentrating on a much darker character. A sad little siren as wild as the sea itself. Do not be taken in by this dangerous creature - her beauty and seductive nature will still lure any a drunken sailor to his doom.

  Pip x

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Ms Claudette.....

I have made Claudette's 1930's frock from vintage sheer organza and added a vintage button as a belt buckle. she also has a jolly corsage which is a piece of vintage haberdashery 

  Inspired by Claudette Colbert and all those dizzy and cute characters she plays in her screwball, romantic comedies. Classics such as 'It Happened one Night' 1934, 'Midnight' 1939 and 'The Palm Beach Story' 1942 (to name just a tiny few of my favourites!) all - in true madcap comedy fashion - we find our dear little Claudette ending up in a jam. During all her movie adventures however, she never failed to remain looking fresh as a daisy, with her cute curly fringe intact and dressed in an elegant outfit with a frilly trim!

Because the fabric is so sheer I had to make matching underwear!

I know it's pretty.......but just a little on the large side for you I'm afraid.

Pip x