Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Little Updates....

  I'm sorry it's all been a little quiet on the 'Pip' blog of late. My lack of regular posts is mainly due to my working on so many different things that it becomes quite difficult to cram all my news, ideas and creations into one cute little post. I've been working on lots of dolls - some custom ones, some not, sketching new ideas, designing business cards - including a new one of my own! and speadsheet updating (dreadfully boring but that yearly Tax return is on the horizon) As well as my regular weekly fill of old movies I've also been on the lookout for fabrics and inspiration for Halloween and other future festivities (Can't bring myself to say the word but you get my drift) 

  Here's a little collection of photos from my current projects, and sketchbook.

  Pip x

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