Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Bat.....

  Twinkle, twinkle, little bat
  How I wonder what you’re at!
  Up above the world you fly
  Like a tea-tray in the sky
  Twinkle, twinkle, little bat!
  How I wonder what you're at!
  Lewis Carroll

Little Maude. Pumpkin coloured curls, Liberty print blouse, witch hat and pet bat - Batty

   Pip x

Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Halloween Cards.......

  Let me introduce to you my first ever Halloween greeting cards - now available in my Etsy Shop

  Halloween is my absolute favourite time of year, how can I not be inspired by all those fabulous old Bela Lugosi movies, old Hollywood Halloween pin ups and seasonal pumpkins, bats and spiders....

  Halloween cards are not something I usually design (bizarrely) but since this year I am feeling even more on the spooky side than usual...... one might therefore say I was possessed into creating them!

  Each little pack contains 2 handmade cards and a white envelope. I have printed the designs onto Epson matte inkjet paper with archival pigment inks then mounted them onto some sturdy dark card. I think a handmade card has a more personal quality to it than a shop bought card - I shall certainly be making a few Christmas card designs in the same vein! (watch this space as I've already made a start!)

Other little Halloween knick knacks!

  Pip x

Thursday, 2 October 2014

A Sad Little Siren, Batgirl and Chilling Movies......

  Happy October! This one of my very favourite months of the year. I love the anticipation of Halloween, the dark nights and the cosy evening get togethers. Heart warming soups and stews become part of our evening meal and out comes the red wine (certainly in my case anyway - favourite tipple)

  Since I'm always very inspired by the seasons I can't help but turn my attention to Halloween. I kicked off my latest series of creations with a raven haired, rather sad and tragic little sea siren. I feel certain she lounges on rocks tempting drunken sailors to tragically sink to their doom in dark and dangerous waters.

   I was hugely influenced by my favourite musician and songwriter Nick Cave for this mythical Miss. My recent viewing of his film/documentary 20,000 Days on Earth  left me unable to listen to any other music for days. One of my favourite tracks on his album Push the Sky Away is called 'Mermaids' I listened to this album practically on repeat while creating this tragic little mermaid.

My sad little nakey siren has thin wire through her locks and a green and black vintage lace tail. her tail fin also has has wire inside for added movement.

  I'm also creating a vampish batgirl (a creation I have long wanted to create) with Autumnal pin curls, a face like Theda Bara, and a waspish figure. I have created her costume and wings with vintage black lace and given her bat wings a thin metal frame. Here's a few snaps of the working progress. There are still a few more hours work to be done but she's almost there.

Even without her wings she's managed to climb to the hights of my bookshelves!

Batgirl has a vintage black lace costume and wings supported by a metal frame

Theda Bara face

Initial designs

  I'm also hoping to create  'Maude the Trick or Treater' as well as several commissioned feline faced corsages.

  I've also decided that this month I will re-watch lots of my favourite creepy, classic movies. I kicked this idea off last night by watching the original 1963 movie The Haunting. My little brother and I watched this together when we were both really young - not sure where our parents were!? I remember us both crying in fear! The movie doesn't terrify me quite as much these days but it brings back very powerful memories of absolute terror!

The Haunting 1963 

Also on my list are:

Don't Look Now 1973
The Cat People 1942
The Innocents 1961
The Devil Doll 1936
The Night of the Hunter 1955
The Show 1927
Dracula 1931
The Black Cat 1934
Halloween 1978

Clockwise from top L: Dracula, Halloween, The Black Cat, the amazing cat woman in The Cat People, Arachnida the human spider in The Show, The Innocents, The Devil Doll, Don't Look Now, The Night of the Hunter, and The Cat People.

  I hope everyone has a great weekend and is looking forward to the coming Autumnal weeks. Let me know what scary movies might be on your list this October.

  Pip x