Friday, 2 January 2015

Looking Back on 2014....

  What a wonderful year 2014 has been. On both a personal and creative level its been a year of fulfilling goals, spending quality time with my friends and family and realising that the older you get the wiser you become. Juggling a creative business, family life, motherhood, finances and day to day chores is not always a walk in the park, but what I'm finally starting to realise is that on the whole I'm doing ok.

Jean Harlow doll and one of the postcards from the ever popular ' in the life of Jean' sets

  One of the big highlights of my year was entering and winning 'Best Artist' in the 2014 National Vintage Awards back in June. My handsome husband accompanied me to Birmingham to pick up my award - which obviously I didn't know I'd won until the night, so was all very nerve wracking. I was over the moon when I won, drank a lot of wine and met some fabulous people.

  It was also incredibly lovely to see the publication of The Sewists by the truly delightful Josephine Perry. It's quite a thrill to walk into your local bookshop and see a book on the shelves which you are featured in. I was thrilled to be asked to contribute to the book back in 2013 and spent a lovely day chatting with Josephine about how I work and what inspires me.

  I also started to take on commissions again half way through the year, this has given me the opportunity to create two of my favourite pieces to date.

Dark and moody mermaid and boudoir Jean

  Travel wise I have enjoyed a week in a fairytale log cabin at Eagle Brae in Scotland, a sunny week in Majorca, and half term breaks in both Norfolk and Cornwall. I'm a lucky girl. Holidaying with my husband and little boy is always a joy. As a child I never went on many holidays so as an adult I've always had a childlike enjoyment of packing my suitcase in readiness for an adventure.

  My favourite actress Myrna Loy seems have to become a bit of a creative trademark...

  So who knows what 2015 will bring? I'm so excited. Unlike a lot of people I actually love January, it's a time for clearing out, tidying up and making lists! I'm planning on doing a lot more museum, cinema, dance and theatre trips - something I love yet haven't done enough of this last year. I already have some lovely commissions to start work on and I'm very excited to be creating a piece for an exhibition later in the year. I'm busy. I'm happy. I hope you are too.

  Happy New Year and thankyou for reading my blog and enjoying my creations.

Pip x

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