Wednesday, 28 January 2015

The Arrival of Pickle....

  Here is my first completed illustration for a new series of prints and postcards. Each illustration will show snippets in the daily life of 1930's showgirl Una and her fellow dancing pal Bunny. I want the sweet little collection to read like screen shots from an old 1930's musical - think Busby Berkeley of course.

The Arrival of Pickle.....Gouache

I'm planning a wire limbed doll based on Bunny. Would feel terribly wrong not to bring her to life!

  Una and Bunny adopt a cat called Pickle... He likes cosy corners, swinging on curtains and sharpening his claws on the skirting boards.

  The idea for introducing a little cat into the story was inspired by the cat in Stage Door 1937 and my good friend Julie of  Lukedrewthis and their new family friend 'Pickle' - who's captured my heart!

  The gorgeous Pickle himself.

  I'm hoping to get the collection ready for sale in early March. Not sure yet how many there will be in total but I have a fair few cute scenarios up my sleeve and in sketchy format.

  Pip x


  1. Looking forward to it and by the way 'Pickle' looks IDENTICAL to my cat 'Tiberius' xx

  2. I LOVE this drawing of Pickle! He will be so pleased, I will show him when he gets back from chasing the wind in the garden. Julie xx

  3. These are beautiful Sarah! And how adorable is Pickle?!