Friday, 20 February 2015

The Dressing Room.....

...Una and Bunny prepare for the days shoot with Busby Berkeley.

The Dressing Room....Gouache

  My collection of illustrations for this series is slowly but surely growing. Una and Bunny have become my dear friends over the last few weeks and I've still got several more pretty scenarios I'd like to paint. Hope you're enjoying them.

   Pip x

Tuesday, 10 February 2015



  ...Born on Easter Sunday, Bernice was very aptly nicknamed 'Bunny' by her mother - who thought it rather sweet.  Bunny's family were all vaudeville players so this ensured she had her dancing shoes on from a very early age. She struck it lucky when she got an audition with the one and only Busby Berkeley and started to feel like a proper showgirl in his daring and elaborate musical sequences. Whilst waiting to wow the genius himself, she met the lovely Una and they've been inseparable friends ever since.... sharing not only stockings, hats and makeup, but each others highs and lows in the unpredictable world of showbusiness.

  Bunny likes a regular gin sour, a good party and plenty of beauty sleep (a tough 'like' when you also favour cocktails and an all night soiree)

  The look of my character Bunny is very much inspired by real life Busby Berkeley chorine Mildred Dixon. There isn't too much about her on the internet but she appeared as a chorus girl in lots of 30's musicals. She was easy to spot because of her cute Brooksie bob!

Mildred Dixon and blonde chorine. I love this photo as it could so be Bunny and Una.

She's so easy to spot in each of these clips.

  Pip x

Saturday, 7 February 2015



....Once a rather shy, daydreaming sort of a girl - who took to sitting in quiet corners - Una found her inner bombshell by fashionably styling her natural (or so she says) platinum locks, purchasing some jazzy dancewear and tapping her way onto Broadway and into Busby Berkeley's chorus line. She currently lives in a cosy theatrical boarding house with her friend (and fellow dancer) Bunny. It also houses several aspiring actresses, the elderly and totally bonkers landlady and a hyper, playful cute little cat named Pickle.

  Una likes occasionally sitting in quiet corners - dreaming. She also enjoys a steak supper with lots of onions, shopping for fancy hats, and a handsome camera man named Walter.

  The look of my character Una is very much inspired by the fabulously funny Una Merkel who stole every scene in every movie she ever appeared in.

Una Merkel

  Pip x