Saturday, 7 February 2015



....Once a rather shy, daydreaming sort of a girl - who took to sitting in quiet corners - Una found her inner bombshell by fashionably styling her natural (or so she says) platinum locks, purchasing some jazzy dancewear and tapping her way onto Broadway and into Busby Berkeley's chorus line. She currently lives in a cosy theatrical boarding house with her friend (and fellow dancer) Bunny. It also houses several aspiring actresses, the elderly and totally bonkers landlady and a hyper, playful cute little cat named Pickle.

  Una likes occasionally sitting in quiet corners - dreaming. She also enjoys a steak supper with lots of onions, shopping for fancy hats, and a handsome camera man named Walter.

  The look of my character Una is very much inspired by the fabulously funny Una Merkel who stole every scene in every movie she ever appeared in.

Una Merkel

  Pip x

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