Wednesday, 29 April 2015

Bunny and Una Prints in the Shop!...

  I am so pleased to announce that (finally!!) you can now purchase these neat and cute little A5 prints of Bunny and Una. Yes folks the 'Once a Showgirl' collection is now in my Etsy Shop and will be followed by A6 greetings cards and envelopes. At some stage I will be selling the originals, I'm currently on the hunt for pretty frames, so I can sell the original works complete and ready to hang.

Once a showgirl Collection

  *The originals are slightly larger than the prints but I feel the prints work better smaller and with cute white boarders as pictured above.

  Each A5 print has a little silver or gold paint which I have added by hand.

Gold sparkling champagne added by hand.

Champagne and Gossip....Gouache


Dressing Room...Gouache

  All together I made 9 illustrations but unfortunately a couple didn't make the final collection - but this isn't to say I won't perhaps list them at a later date. The couple left out I felt were too samey and/or colours not quite in tune with the rest of the collection.

The Arrival of Pickle....Gouache


  I've spent so many happy months with these all singing all dancing Busby Berkeley girls that I'm almost in a state of devastation to have to leave them behind. I still have a slightly unfinished Una doll sat on my shelf that I'm currently reluctant to finish because I feel sad to sell her. I will be exhibiting a few of my pieces in an exciting exhibition later in the year so it may well be that she sticks around with me until then.

Shopping...with Pickle...Gouache

Goodbye....Bunny and Una

  Anyway, onwards and upwards. I've started some sketches for a new collection which will take me back to the sea (you may remember my Call of the Sea collection back in 2013) and will involve a 1930's 'Bloomsbury Group' type Missy, a handsome fisherman and possibly the odd pastel haired mermaid....Very excited at the moment to be sketching and thinking of possible fabrics for beach pyjamas, swim caps and beach slippers! 

  Pip x

Friday, 24 April 2015

New Print......

Nora Charles Knows Hats

  Having always been a hat lover, I've been very aware of the fabulous French milliner Lilly Dache for many years. In all that time, however, I'd never come across this photo of the original dust jacket of her autobiography - first published in 1946. So smitten with this fabulous and pretty cover I was inspired to create a little painting in a similar style. In this instance I've taken my favourite hat wearer (Myrna Loy) and transformed her into that charming and witty character we all know and love her for - Nora Charles. This also meant  I could get Nick and Asta in on the act too.

original dust jacket from the 1946 addition of Lilly Dache's autobiography

  I spent a very happy few hours on this illustration and have had lots of requests for a print, so I have just listed it over in my Etsy Shop

  ***Please read the following before making a purchase....

  Now for most (not all) of my prints I use Bockingford watercolour printer paper which is acid free and has an archival quality. This particular illustration however looks far better on Epson Matte (which I use for my Call of the Sea portraits) ....also acid free and archival. Just wanted to make people aware especially if they've been collecting various prints of mine over the years. Believe me this one really does look far better on Epson matte.

  **Also note the label on the hat box Asta is sat on reads 'Love, Brooksy Hats' This is inspired by my social media friend and fellow 'Myrna fan' the lovely milliner Olivia who has a fabulous Etsy Shop of her own selling vintage inspired hats.**

  Hope everyone has had a lovely week and looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

  Pip x

Sunday, 5 April 2015

A Relaxing Holiday and Little Updates...

  Having just returned from a magical and relaxing week in Bonnie Scotland, I shall, over the next few days, ease myself back into my work. I have such a lot to be getting on with and am very much looking forward to submerging myself back into all things 'Pip'

 Scotland is such an inspiring place. It was so nice to just completely switch off for the week and enjoy my surroundings. We stayed in a log cabin at Eagle Brae, which is a remote and romantic wilderness about an hours drive from Inverness airport.

 During our stay we went on many an adventure, saw lots of breathtaking wildlife (our log cabin was constantly surrounded by wild deer) made snowmen, drank many a wee dram and ate like kings!

Grumpy little mountain hare photo taken by my husband, watching deer outside our window, me in the Ciarngorm mountains in a snow blizzard, husband and I, our log cabin, two stag - again photographed by my huband - just moments before they started aggressively rutting , my little fella on the Cairngorm funicular, magical walks.

  Other news:

  I've had so many emails lately asking how and when they can purchase one of my pieces. I do try and direct most people to my website for FAQ'S but thought I'd just give you a little update.

 It's so lovely for me that my work is becoming ever more popular and people are sending me commission requests on a weekly basis. It's frustrating for me that I have to ask people to come back at a later date but sadly there are only so many hours in the day.

  My most recent custom order was this dark and mysterious mermaid and I'm currently working on two other customs which will take me into mid May.

Recent mermaid commission

 I will be considering commission requests again in May but do only take on one a month as I also like to follow my own heart and work on designing what is influencing me at the time. If you mail me in May I will do my utmost to pencil you in throughout the forthcoming months.

30's Showgirls: Candy, Gloria and Candy, Bunny

 Everything I work on I usually post working progress photos via social media. This often results in emails asking if they can 'reserve' a particular piece. I am happy to do that but it's likely I will no longer list as 'reserved' in Etsy but instead send the buyer a private paypal invoice. People seem to be frustrated that everything they view is 'Reserved' I will be listing dolls from time to time though and will continue to keep my store stocked with prints.


  My Bunny and Una 'Once a Showgirl' illustration collection will be getting some much needed attention and my plan is to get postcard sets and prints into the shop as soon as I can. I hope to sell several of the originals but am currently working on how to present and price them.

  As I said, I like to follow my heart and having recently been gifted some very beautiful hand dyed luxury velvet in amazing colours I'm planning on making a handful of 1930's ladies in long gowns, marcel waves, cute hair accessories and sparkling purses.

velvet dress designs for 30's artdolls

  Do email me if you have any questions.

  Happy Easter Folks!!

  Pip x