Friday, 24 April 2015

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Nora Charles Knows Hats

  Having always been a hat lover, I've been very aware of the fabulous French milliner Lilly Dache for many years. In all that time, however, I'd never come across this photo of the original dust jacket of her autobiography - first published in 1946. So smitten with this fabulous and pretty cover I was inspired to create a little painting in a similar style. In this instance I've taken my favourite hat wearer (Myrna Loy) and transformed her into that charming and witty character we all know and love her for - Nora Charles. This also meant  I could get Nick and Asta in on the act too.

original dust jacket from the 1946 addition of Lilly Dache's autobiography

  I spent a very happy few hours on this illustration and have had lots of requests for a print, so I have just listed it over in my Etsy Shop

  ***Please read the following before making a purchase....

  Now for most (not all) of my prints I use Bockingford watercolour printer paper which is acid free and has an archival quality. This particular illustration however looks far better on Epson Matte (which I use for my Call of the Sea portraits) ....also acid free and archival. Just wanted to make people aware especially if they've been collecting various prints of mine over the years. Believe me this one really does look far better on Epson matte.

  **Also note the label on the hat box Asta is sat on reads 'Love, Brooksy Hats' This is inspired by my social media friend and fellow 'Myrna fan' the lovely milliner Olivia who has a fabulous Etsy Shop of her own selling vintage inspired hats.**

  Hope everyone has had a lovely week and looking forward to a relaxing weekend.

  Pip x

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  1. Adorable illustration, Sarah! You never fail to amaze me with your vintage-inspired artworks. Plus, it's wonderful how the illustration you did looks so much like the illustration that inspired you to make it. You're definitely one talented artist. And for that, I'm sure your Etsy is crawling with fans! More power to you!

    Madeline Rice @ SEO Marketing Machine