Sunday, 17 May 2015

Going Back to the Sea....

...And once again I am longing to return to the stormy seas. I want to spend my Summer with a broken - hearted mermaid, a bohemian miss in wide legged beach pants, and a handsome yet moody, intense fisherman/sailor.

  I want my forthcoming beach adventurers to be slightly on the more darker side than my previous trio (Call of the Sea 2013) I want them a little wilder perhaps. I want rougher seas, longings, desolate and isolated lighthouses and forlorn, melancholy mermaids.

 When creating my characters I usually collect together lots of visuals which I keep in folders in my computer. I make lots of drawings in my sketch books which include the roughest of sketches as well as more detailed illustrations, ideas, quotes, notes, scenarios and colour combinations...

Red and white stripes and raffia beach slippers

  Here is a selection of just a few photos collected as inspiration for our top billing beach pyjama clad miss. Her name is still undecided, but I'm rather in favour of Persephone as I like the idea of her handsome fisherman friend calling her Percy.

Clockwise from top Left: Nusch √Čluard a French performer, model and surrealist artist, Nusch √Čluard on holiday with Dali, Gala and her husband Paul, 1930's beautiful typical beach ensemble, model and muse Renee Perle, handsome man and woman in Summer beach ouftits, a 1930's Leyland Bathing Cap