Saturday, 6 June 2015

1930's Gals in Gowns......

  When I was given some luxurious, 100% silk velvet by a very generous acquaintance (who hand dyed each sample in the most divine shades) I knew instantly I'd be using each beautiful piece for 1930's Pip gowns. I own a few very glamorous 1930's evening gowns and this velvet is very reminiscent of a full length black one I own with bell sleeves and draped neck line.

 This velvet is of the highest quality. Here are just 4 of the colour samples I was given. If only I could make one in my size....


Jean Harlow in luxurious velvet 1930's

Constance Bennett's little sequin cap and Myrna Loy's delicate lacy veil

Working progress and sketch

Francis, Constance and Mae

  So far I have made 3 elegant ladies and added little caps made with sequins for two of them and little roses with the other. The veils are bits of vintage millinery and their evening clutch bags are made with 1920's beading and a bit of 1930's satin.

  And on their feet...

  I still have the little red head in black to make from these first 4 but I'm almost certain there will be more, I have so much fabric.

  A snap from the work table this week..

  Pip x

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