Friday, 24 July 2015

Percy Paper Dolls....

  Sketching and doodling my holiday wardrobe got me thinking about paper dolls.....

  So to compliment our 1930's beach heroine, I'm currently working on designing a Percy paper doll set entitled 'Percy's Beach Fashion Parade' They are such tricky things to create (having made several sets in the past) but I just can't help but think these 'Percy' paper dolls might be awfully popular? So far she has two swim suits, a swim cap a beach beret and a flower for her hair. Currently sketching beach capes, wide legged pants, big hats (Percy just wouldn't be Percy without 'that' hat) a few stripy beach vests and a stylish, oh so chic, Summer dress - all 30's style of course.

Sketching my holiday wardrobe (some of it dream items) got me thinking about paper dolls

Paper dolls can be so fiddly to make, my trick is I draw the character then photocopy her a few times and trace the body shape to ensure her clothes are going to fit.

Here is her first outfit with little swim cap (on top of her mustard bathing costume)

  Hopefully should have these little desk friends up in my shop in the next few weeks.

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