Saturday, 22 August 2015

Percy Paper Doll Sets......

  This little bohemian Miss has a rather enviable wardrobe, a slot together base and several Summery accessories to play around with.

  She's now available to purchase in my Etsy Shop (printed on Epson matte archival paper) You can either use a thick lollipop stick (included with the doll) to strength her stance or - as I have done - back her on some thick card. Pop her on your desk or display her in a frame.

  I put two slots with a scalpel knife at either side of her waist to enable me to slip the tabs through. This idea keeps the outfits better in place rather than cutting out the whole waist to arm section. However it can be done which ever way you prefer.

A page of rambles to accompany the set

I created the little shell as just a decorative design on the print out, however I popped it on her head with the tiniest bit of blu tack and  it has become one of my favourite avant garde looks in the collection!

A most enviable holiday wardrobe. 

  Pip x

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