Friday, 4 September 2015

Carmen Miranda....

Carmen Miranda is made with new and vintage materials

  So for the last few weeks I have had plenty of sunshine in my studio in the form of pint sized (for in real life she was just 5ft tall) Portuguese Brazilian samba singer, dancer and actress Carmen Miranda. I've watched and listened to so much YouTube footage I can still hear her singing in my head now - and believe me I've been working in total silence today.

  What an absolute tutti frutti, sequined heaven of a commission this has been. I'm almost sorry to say goodbye - although I know she's going to be fully appreciated in her new home.


Carmen Miranda. I love the black and white photo bottom left.

  The amazing bombshell Ms Miranda herself.... (1919 - 1955) Very sad that she died so young. If you don't know much about Carmen Miranda it's very interesting to do a bit of research. Was she really as happy a lady as she always appeared or was she just the victim of Hollywood stereotyping?

  These lovely Summery creations (Carmen, Esther Williams, bright and breezy mermaids) are almost likely to be taken over by more Autumnal creations in the coming months. I'm already itching to create perhaps one or two mini Morticia Addams dolls and will definitely be soon thinking about this years Nora Charles festive creations. I do have rather a lot of commissions to be getting on with so can't set my sights too high at the moment as I'll have little or no time to fit them in..(But I always do)
  I hope if you're in the UK you're looking forward to soon getting cosy with the distant smell of bonfires, red wine and homemade soups and stews to accompany the forthcoming chilly dark evenings.

  Pip x


  1. Hello . My name is Paul Spazzapan and I love your work. I wonder if you have any doll Jean Harlow or Clara Bow to sell. And I wonder how much it costs. Congratulations, your work is wonderful.