Monday, 1 February 2016

Circus Showgirls on Sticks.....

  I find myself posting bits of work here and bits of work there, and never does it come together in one neat little blog post quite as often as I'd like these days. I sometimes post on Twitter, a whole lot on Instagram and a little bit on Facebook  I hope I still have my regular followers catching up with my work in some form of social media- even if we don't meet up quite so often here on my blog.

  I've been so busy since Christmas it's sometimes hard to showcase everything I make. But those of you who catch up on my working progress and daily Instagram snaps will know I've been having yet another romantic dalliance with the history and tradition of the circus....

  There is something so magical about tarnished golden sequins against the backdrop of a distant, magical, red and white 'Big Top' Each time I fall in love, I fall deeper and deeper...

  So much so, I have created these glamorous little stick showgirls which are inspired by Circus souvenirs of the 40's, 50's and 60's (when kewpie dolls were dressed in sequins and feathers and sold on long sticks alongside the popcorn and candyfloss) I am hoping to sell all three this week but will be making them to order after half term. I will limit the pre orders to 2-3 a week, because as much as I love playing with tulle and sequins, I only have one pair of hands and I hate to fall behind.


  If you don't manage to get hold of this powder blue haired beauty, there's also a scarlett lady and a peachy haired miss to be listed this week. Keep you eyes on my Etsy shop.

   ..... And finally this last photo gives you an idea where my heart is leading next.....Pip xx

100% wool felt tails