Thursday, 30 June 2016

Paulette Goddard and the Power of the Hood....

...Let us not forget ladies and gents the very fabulous 1940's hood dress. 

  During this era the 'hood' become a fashion statement not only for coats and capes, but for afternoon dresses and evening gowns.

  Here we have little Paulette sporting her bell sleeved blouse with matching hood, 100% felt wool skirt and delicately embellished handbag featuring her initials P.G

  This attractive little creation is indeed based on one of my favourite actresses of the 1940's Paulette Goddard

Stylish Paulette Goddard as Miriam Aarons in The Women 1939

  And such an eye-catching collection of 1940's patterns for the girl who wanted to rock the hood. My favourite is the red, yellow, blue and white striped dress bottom middle.


  Pip x

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