Saturday, 2 July 2016

Paper Dolls in Fabric Outfits.......

Various Stages
For a little while now I have been pondering a Pip creation that's a little more affordable for my followers than one of my dolls. These little paper dolls fall somewhere between the price of a print and a doll face.

Made with doubled up card - so quite sturdy, they have a little ribbon attached to their backs so you can hang them on the wall. Perfect for small spaces like an office or studio.

Each one is individually made and hand painted by me - so they're not just prints! Each little lady will therefore have very slightly different expressions. 

I'm just going to keep going with this idea and see where it takes me. These first 5 Persephone dolls in 1930's beach pajamas and raffia sun hats flew from my shop but there are going to be lots more in the coming months, including Circus Showgirls and Nora Charles paper dolls in the run up to Christmas. What could be cuter!

If you missed Persephone keep your eyes peeled for Brigitte!

Pip x

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