Sunday, 7 August 2016

Pip Pin Ups, Purses and Other Things...

..I have been a busy bee creating the Pip Pin Up Dolls and Summer Purses over the last few months. It seems time passes a whole lot quicker than I can gather my thoughts and blog about blog them.

I had to be super speedy to get these ladies out into the sunshine for their photo shoot - British weather is so unpredictable.

  We had Pin Up Paulette (again based on Paulette Goddard)

I have created a typical 1940's beach ensemble with a matching three piece top, skirt and shorts combo. I have also created a sun hat which I have made from raffia, cord and fabric. She also carries the cutest little hand bag made from muslin and embroidery silk. 

In my garden

With Betty

  Pin Up Lucille (based on Lucille Ball of course)

Again this cute doll has a 1940's three piece outfit skirt, shorts and top. I have made her coolie hat from cord, fabric and embroidery silk.  I have also made her a bag from muslin , beads and embroidery silk.

  And Pin Up Betty (the one and only Betty Grable)

Sweet little Betty in her 1940's dress, huge sun hat and muslin suitcase. 

Still had a little bit of work to do on her when this shot was taken but never-the-less she was looking very glamorous even then.

  Then there were my Summer Purses!

These purses are perfect for a Summer BBQ or cocktail party. I was inspired by the raffia bags of the 1940's and 50's which were generally bought on Summer holidays as colourful souvenirs. I have taken a plain high street bag and embellished it with a Pip applique!

Frida Kahlo, Carmen Miranda and Renee Perle

My favourite!

  It seems that a lot of what I do these days develops very quickly and and is up and sold before I have much time to showcase. It's certainly not intentional but the power of social media is a tool you have to take full advantage of as an artist/designer/maker. Technology moves so fast it's very hard to keep up!

Happy Holidays!

Pip x

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