Tuesday, 29 November 2016

Christmas Cards!

Now, I'll be honest, I'm not a huge fan of Christmas, but the witty repartee of Mr and Mrs Charles (aka Nick and Nora, aka Myrna Loy and William Powell) see me through the festivities with a huge dose of cocktails, glamorous ensembles and er.....sleuthing.

This will be the third year that I have taken my favourite onscreen character, Nora Charles and lent her festive spirit to my yearly Christmas card designs.

4 Festive cards inspired by the sophisticated first two Thin Man movies.

There are six Thin Man movies all in all but it's the first two that have always been my favourite, The Thin Man 1934 (set around Christmas Eve) and After the Thin Man 1936 (set around New Years Eve) Each movie sees our delightful and glamorous married couple solving murder mysteries, swigging lots of cocktails and bantering with one another and their little dog Asta.

I have taken Nora's New Years Eve outfit from After the Thin Man 1936 and added a candy cane party hat.

This year I have added Nick Charles into the mix and also added a bonus New Year card. All the outfits that you see in the illustrations are taken from the two movies and designed to perfection but the legendary Dolly Tree. As we can never be certain of the colours of the costumes due to the movies being in black and white I've always had a strong vision in my mind of what I think the colours were. For example, Nora's stripped cocktail dress has to be red right? and her beautiful Christmas shopping suit has to dark, dark green? These are just the way I have imagined them through the years but I have seen a few colourised images that suggest the candy cane cocktail dress may have been green! (No!)

My absolute favourite lounge pyjamas seen in any 1930s movie

....."Only I've been Christmas shopping"

That famous candy cane cocktail dress!

This years designs are now in my shop. I have also put together a little set featuring illustrations from previous years (PLEASE NOTE these are printed on different paper stock)

Throughout all of my Thin Man designs I always feature the Christmas wreath, lots of cocktails and of course Asta their funny little wire fox terrier.

Merry Christmas
Pip x

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  1. Hi. I know it has ben a bit since you posted these beautiful pictures, but I hope I am not too late! Are any of these still available to purchase?