Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Botanical Percy.......


This little character started in 2015 when I was creating a happy little trio of seafarers. She began as a seaside adventurer, writing novellas, drinking hard liquor and carrying on a wild affair with a fiercely handsome fisherman called Xavier - much to the annoyance of a jealous mermaid named Pearl.

Persephone has an edge - which is what I love about her - but she's also very feminine and sensitive. She's very bohemian and I would imagine her house is full of beautiful Persian rugs, trinkets from around the world and of course lots of leafy plants.

Since that crazy whirlwind of a romance two years ago, pipe puffing Persephone (or Percy for short) ran away from her hearts desire (Xavier) and created a haven for herself in her botanical garden and tropical greenhouse where she now writes and paints about butterflies and cactus.

Lots of people and characters have inspired Percy along the way including model and muse Renee Perle  Polish opera singer and garden enthusiast Ganna Walska Surrealist artist Nusch Eluard, and even Eva Green's portrayal as Miss Peregrine in the 2016 movie by Tim Burton.

During the course of the Summer I have created 4 Percy dolls along with a series of illustrations. I will be listing the prints in my shop on August 16th as well as a little series of postcards which will come a little later. There is still one Percy left in the shop and the last one will come mid August. I hope you've fallen for Percy as much as I have, I shall feel very sad to leave her behind but very much hope she'll spring up again next Summer.

The Shell Garden.......Gouache and Watercolour 

Botanical Lounging.....Gouache and Watercolour 

How does your garden grow?

Textile Percy made with new and vintage fabrics....

Waiting.....Gouache and watercolour..

Ink and Gouache on Pastel paper...

Gouache and watercolour

postcard illustrations....Gouache and watercolour.

Beautiful Percy heads to town.....

Mini Tags.......Ink and Crayon on brown card...

Greenhouse and Coffee....Gouache and watercolour....

Pip x

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