Thursday, 31 August 2017

Interlude with Bunny and Una.....

"Dressing Room"  Watercolour and Gouache

It's so nice to be spending time with these girls again. Bunny and Una were such a hit in 2015 that I thought I would re visit them - a little interlude before I start work on my Autumnal ideas.

I created these girls with cute 1930's Busby Berkeley chorines in mind. There is also a whole lot of inspiration from the 1937 movie Stage Door which centres around actresses and dancers in a 1930's theatrical boarding house.

You can read my full Bunny and Una character profiles here and here 

I sold the Bunny and Una dolls a long time ago but it's the prints that are having a rather nice moment back in my Etsy Shop I have re sized the image slightly and reproduced them on different paper to the first run. Each illustration (there were 7 in total but I'm just reproducing these 4 favourites) was created in watercolour and gouache. I chose very muted tones and a limited colour palette, which I think suits the style of the times and gives each piece a very vintage feel. They look so beautiful - like colour plates in a dusty old children's book.

"Champagne and Gossip" 


I'm having a lovely time at the moment going through my old sketchbooks and portfolios. It's so good to find little turned down pages of characters that you had in mind but which never quite made it to your work top. I'm gathering ideas for Autumn at present and will be making a start on my ideas and thoughts next week. 

"Little Friend"

Pip x

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