Thursday, 24 August 2017

Farewell Summer.....

Tutti Frutti Carmen Pins

Little hand drawn tags which went out with each Tutti Frutti wall hanger or pin

Sad to be saying farewell to the characters that filled my Summer, Botanical Percy with her dainty pipe and colourful Carmen in her Tutti Frutti hat. Alas, I am now sketching ideas for a new original Pip character which will keep me company as the new school year starts. I love it when the weather turns chilly and the dark nights creep in  - which, if I haven't told you before is my favourite time of year. As soon as I've had a little Summer trip and the school holidays are drawing to a close I really feel myself start to yearn for that familiar sense of the coming of Autumn - you start to notice the leaves falling and the spiders start their epic web making in your garden. 

Saying farewell to my last Percy doll

I shipped out my last Percy doll today and am putting the finishing touches to the last of my pre order Carmens. But If you are still longing for a bit of bohemian, sun soaked, carefree Percy the prints and mini prints are all up in my Etsy shop.

Tutti Frutti wall hanger

Pip x

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