Sunday, 1 April 2018

The Countess Prints....

Shoe Hat....gouache and ink

Since creating The Countess in the Autumn of last year I've found it very difficult to let her go. She evolved and captivated me to the point where I just didn't want to draw anything else.
In my first little series of illustrations our slinky ghoul wore a gown a little paler in colour and travelled everywhere with her beautiful pink spider Salvador. This second collection sees our raven haired siren visit a large and beautiful department store - the sort you'd see only in gorgeous old movies (think Park Avenue Sydney's Salon in The Women 1939) Her pink gown has evolved into shocking Schiaparelli pink and her pet spider is hiding at home (in some cold, yet beautifully furnished castle somewhere) 

10 x 8 prints

The Countess is all the classic glamour ghouls that have so inspired me through the years: Carroll Borland as Luna, Carolyn Jones as Morticia, Maila Nurmi as Vampira and Gloria Holden as Dracula's Daughter, to name a few. In the same vein as 2016's Autumn character (Agnes the Witch) I have toned her down a little by giving her an element of sugar/sweet - think Elizabeth Montgomery as Samantha in Bewitched. I've also taken huge inspiration from my favourite movie The Women 1939 and the scenes involving the perfume counter, the fashion parade and the various beauty salon treatments. 

I especially love my decision to turn her gown into a shocking pink Elsa Schiaparelli shade.The work of Schiaparelli has always been of huge inspiration to me and I feel certain The Countess would be mesmerised by the quirky and surreal fashions of this exciting designer. Elsa Schiaparelli made shocking pink her signature colour in the late 1930's creating gowns, capes and shoes in this daring and beautiful flash of colour. She described 'Hot Pink' as "Life giving, like all the light and the birds and the fish in the world put together, a colour of China and Peru but not of the West"

I am so happy with everyone's response to the countess and am thrilled the first limited amount of prints sold out! Don't worry if you didn't get the one you wanted as these prints will be a permanent item in my Etsy Shop - why not just collect them all! I will also soon be adding a few to the collection that are not already listed.

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