Sunday, 6 January 2013

Vaudeville Players Progress and New Ideas

 My latest project has been coming along slowly but surely... I've been grabbing bits of time here and there during the remains of the school holidays to work on specific sections of the process. Next week full time Curious Pip business will resume and I'll hopefully pop a few things in my slightly neglected shop. If you ever visit my etsy shop and its low on stock please stick with me as I'm always working away behind the scenes. Lots of my dolls sell pretty quick these days so sometimes you have to be super fast.


  Talking of my shop, I had some brooches in an exhibition over Christmas and the ones that didn't sell I will be listing next week at a Sale price - so keep your eyes peeled. Will tweet and post when I've listed.
  I am so full of good feeling and excitement for 2013! Have loads of ideas, some new commissions and exciting ventures, so already I am feeling pretty busy. To start with I love playing and experimenting with new materials so each of my new larger dolls have a little extra prop made from paper mache, painted in bright acrylics and varnished with clear gloss. I'm very pleased with the way they are shaping up. Here are a few working progress photos.....

Juggling Vaudeville Queen
The doll in the star pants will have a yellow accordion.

  Also his week I will be doing my upmost to resist temptation to start work on my new ideas while I'm desperately trying to finish other projects....

...however I am lured in by some of my favourite coffee table books

Sketches for possible new creations

Clara Bow, Louise Brooks and Jean Harlow...The red head, the raven haired bobbed flapper and the platinum goddess

  .........Oh to make some dolls based on and inspired by 3 of my favourite icons. 1920 gals Clara Bow and Louise Brooks and 1930's dynamite doll Jean Harlow. I've no set ideas yet but have been enjoying my research and sketching. I will bring posts on each individual icon as I set to work on creating each one.