Friday, 25 October 2013

Snowy Silence.....

  I remember being very young when I first noticed that peaceful silence you get with a fall of heavy snow... I also remember that satisfying feeling of making the first footprints in your garden and the anticipation of going sledging after school (cause in those days in seemed school went ahead even if snow was up to our ears!)
  I was hoping to capture that exact feeling of silence in this next illustration. Hope you like it.
Snowy Silence Gouache on watercolour paper

Alpine Peg has white merino wool hair styled in braided buns, red felt jumper with embellished pattern. She will have brown woollen trousers and painted acrylic boots.

  A little mood board of images that are helping to inspire my latest workings...

Left to Right: Betty Grable, 1950's alpine painting, Lilian Harvey dances with a snowman in 'I am Suzanne' 1933

Top Left: 1930's ski fashion plate, Loretta Young looking fab with her braids in 'The Farmer's daughter' 1947 Bottom Left: Cute painting from the 20's and Gary Cooper and Claudette Colbert.

   Happy Weekend! x

Monday, 14 October 2013

New Work, Janet....

....It's so dark and wet in Bristol this morning I thought I'd cheery up the day by posting some working progress photos of my latest character - Janet. I'd planned to finish her today and do a post later in the week but its such a dreary day, why not share the sparkle!

I love this fabric so much! Its 1930's gold lamé which incorporates threads of metallic gold often used in evening gowns of the 20's and 30's

I've also added pearly vintage beads, and a fluffy pom pom.

Topping off her look with a little case.

  In a previous post I'd mentioned I'd been watching Janet Gaynor movies. Well I'd seen several of her talkies (A Star is Born 1937 my favourite) but none of her silent films so was absolutely engrossed and absorbed in these two classics: Street Angel 1928 and Lucky Star 1929. I totally recommend watching them if you have a few hours to spare, just delightful. In both these movies Janet shares the screen with Charles Farrell. Their on screen chemistry is so angelic and so sweet you can see why the world loved them - hence they made 12 movies together!

  'Street Angel' 1928 contributed to the inspiration behind my new Pip character....

Street Angel 1928

  Think Janet might be the last little character study before I turn my attentions to the 'C' word. I had planned on some Halloween inspired mini dolls but I'm really not sure I'm going to fit them in. I always have so many long 'to do' lists floating around the house its crazy!

  I'm also doing some paintings and illustrations to accompany my Janet doll so will showcase those later in the week. I have a feeling she may be a concertina playing tightrope walker?

  Since I've been putting this post together it appears that the sun has come out! I'm happy as it'll make my walk to the post office all that more pleasant. Have a good week x