Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Nancy Beaton Tree Topper and other Festive Fairies......

 Several weeks ago when I was looking forward to embarking on festive fairies, a very pretty idea was given to me via Twitter. Why don't I make a Nancy Beaton style tree topper?
 Nancy Beaton is the sister of the famous photographer Cecil Beaton and in 1929 he snapped Nancy as a shooting star, draped in cellophane - a material he often used for his subjects or backdrops.

  With this heavenly idea in mind I used a recent purchase of beautiful, original 1920's chiffon, embellished with sparkling rhinestones and created an evening gown I hope any tree topper fairy would be proud of.  Nancy has little tinsel pipe cleaner wings (like last years fairies) stars in her golden hair and a beautiful star wand. Here are some working progress photos and the finished item.

The little net skirt underneath puffs out the dress ever so slightly. I didn't want a big, big tutu style dress as I wouldn't fit with the era.

She's like a cross between Nancy Beaton, Daisy Buchanan and Glinda from The Wizard of Oz!

  This little tree topper is dainty and eye catching I wish she could stay with me forever!

Worthy of any Christmas tree I hope

  I adore making dolls and have pages of ideas for the New Year so if you're after a Pip doll I would love you to have one. They do get snapped up rather quickly I'm afraid but they'll be plenty more so don't be too disappointed.

  It's getting a little chilly in these parts, stay toasty! I hope to you show you more paper doll ideas by the end of the week plus I'll list a few more Alpine peg paper poppets in the shop.

Monday, 4 November 2013

More from Peggy...

  Having just finished these Peggy dolls I'm starting to feel a warm glow...... the Festive Season is on the horizon!!

Each Peggy has a braided snowy hairstyle, scarlet felt jumper with embroidery thread embellishment, brown felt pants and acrylic painted gloves and boots.

  I just couldn't decide which hair style to go with so I did two different styles for the dolls - I quite like Peggy's indecisive nature...

Peg tames her unruly mop with stylish braids... Gouache on handmade khadi paper

I will stitch a ribbon on Peggy's back so you can hang her from your wall, or even from you Christmas tree!

  In the run up to Christmas I will be working on all things 'Peggy' but I'll also post interludes of other things I'm working on too. I often find it hard to concentrate on just one thing and since my mind is quite often a jumble who knows what will happen next!

 I've also been sketching ideas for a handsome, dashing hero to join our Peg - will introduce you to him later in the week....... and I'll admit I'm very fond of him already....Stay tuned! x