Thursday, 18 December 2014

Seasons Greetings from The Thin Man....

  Witty, sophisticated and always just that little bit tipsy - well it is Christmas after all!

  When we are first introduced to Nora Charles, she's been out Christmas shopping and is loaded up with presents. As Nora enters the bar room looking for her husband Nick, she trips, and scatters gifts all over the floor. It's perfect.

  She then goes on the match her husbands cocktail swigging by drinking five martinis and waking up with a tremendous hangover.

icebag and blouse made with two different types of vintage satin both 30's. Vintage lace jabot with rhinestone brooch. Felt mustard coloured skirt.

The lady herself. Myrna Loy as Nora

  I'm also super happy with the success of this years Christmas cards. There are obviously a lot of people who, like me, find this film so incredibly charming. I was a little worried at first just in case people wouldn't get them, which is why I did a collection with and without captions. For any real late Christmas card senders (if you're in the UK) there are still 2 sets left in the shop. 

  Here are the outfits that inspired the illustrations and dolls. I have obviously altered them slightly here and there as I have with each of the illustrated scenes and props.

  This is my very last post of the year folks. I hope you have enjoyed reading my blog and learning about my creative thought process and what inspires each of my pieces.

  I have lots of lovely plans and ideas to kick start the New Year and hope you will continue to follow my work with enthusiasm. Thank you for everyone's constant supportive feedback. I wish you all a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

  Pip x

Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Thin Man Christmas Cards....

  Have a fabulous Thin Man style Christmas!

  Due to my first batch of martini swigging Nora Charles cards selling out super quick, I'm pleased to announce there are now more sets in my Etsy Shop - a limited amount. I'm really enjoying the popularity of the cards but making them up is time consuming so I'm staggering my listings.

  These three cute little scenes are all inspired by The Thin Man 1934. There are little extra touches which I'm sure Thin Man fanatics will perhaps notice. 

'He's dragged me into every gin mill on the block!'
You will notice an additional hat box to her ensemble. This hat box appears in the second Thin Man movie 'After the Thin Man'

'Asta, is your balloon busted?'
 Nora doesn't hold a Christmas wreath but it does appear on the door of their appartment

'Have a cocktail'

Without captions are mounted onto festive red card.

With captions are mounted onto festive dark green card.

  Each card has a handmade quality in that they are printed on beautiful Bockingford watercolour printer paper, mounted onto a ready folded festive coloured card then touched up with additional gold sparkle. I have created each card by hand and created two separate listings: with or without captions. As a Thin Man fan you'll get the captions but without captions they are still very pretty cards and will still appeal to those who don't know the movie. I hope you like what I've created this year, I wanted this collection to have more of a pressie feel rather than a mass produced looking card.

  Creating lots of commissions at the moment but I'm still hoping to fit in a few fairies first week of December. 

Love Pip x

Sunday, 19 October 2014

The Bat.....

  Twinkle, twinkle, little bat
  How I wonder what you’re at!
  Up above the world you fly
  Like a tea-tray in the sky
  Twinkle, twinkle, little bat!
  How I wonder what you're at!

  Lewis Carroll

Little Maude. Pumpkin coloured curls, Liberty print blouse, witch hat and pet bat - Batty

   Pip x

Thursday, 2 October 2014

A Sad Little Siren and Batgirl...

  I'm also creating a vampish batgirl (a creation I have long wanted to create) with Autumnal pin curls, a face like Theda Bara, and a waspish figure. I have created her costume and wings with vintage black lace and given her bat wings a thin metal frame. Here's a few snaps of the working progress. There are still a few more hours work to be done but she's almost there.

Even without her wings she's managed to climb to the hights of my bookshelves!

Batgirl has a vintage black lace costume and wings supported by a metal frame

Theda Bara face

Initial designs

  Pip x

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Dark Haired Sirens....

The Lonely Mermaid....Watercolour

A Sad Siren.....Watercolour

  In the past I've created lots of pastel haired, bathing belles with colourful tails, shell and flower accessories and Summery, carefree dispositions.....

  My latest Mermaid fascination has me concentrating on a much darker character. A sad little siren as wild as the sea itself. Do not be taken in by this dangerous creature - her beauty and seductive nature will still lure any a drunken sailor to his doom.

  Pip x

Friday, 29 August 2014

'The Sewists' by Josephine Perry....

  A few weeks ago I received my very own copy of Josephine Perry's 'The Sewists'....

   I'm very proud to announce that today 29th August 2014 is publication day for this incredibly neat and well styled little book. Each chapter is dedicated to 20 different DIY projects from designer/makers, including myself, Abigail Brown, The Felt Mistress and Hand-Printed textile designer Jessica Hayes Gill - to name just a few.

  I was so thrilled when first approached about the book that I set to work on creating a very simple little Pip doll pattern, which can easily be duplicated into lots of little characters to form a mobile circus decoration! It was also a joy to spend a delightful 'interview' afternoon with author, designer/maker and sewing workshop tutor Josephine Perry. Thankyou Missy for popping me amongst the pages of this fabulous publication! x

  'The Sewists' is out now! Published by Laurence King  available on amazon and in all good bookshops.

The original of this design (which was such fun to make) has been hanging in my little boy's bedroom for over a year. I think he's well and truly claimed it.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New Myrna Doll....

Nora Charles: He's dragged me into every gin mill on the block!!!

Myrna's dress is made from beautiful autumnal 1940's fabric. I have kept a autumn theme to her outfit by suitably matching her hat and bag with her dress. Her legs are wired for posing in a seated position and the little buttons on her collar, sleeves and pocket are also vintage - as is the button on her belt. Asta is my own sketch printed onto Epson matte paper and backed onto some sturdy card. He also wears a coat to match Myrna ensemble.

  This is my third Myrna Loy doll inspired by her famous role as Nora Charles. I'm afraid she has skipped away from my shop already this morning but I really wanted to upload these photos so you could see all the little details on her hat, bag and dress. Asta's looking fairly snazzy too!

On the shelf

Myrna approves. This 'Hat' print is now available over in my Etsy shop.

Saturday, 16 August 2014

Myrna Knows Hats........

  I've always had a tremendous obsession with hats (especially vintage hats) my grandma was to blame, she never left the house without a hat, even in her early eighties, health sadly failing, if she went out it was always with a hat. There's something about a hat that pulls an outfit together (especially if you've teamed it with suitably matching gloves, bag and shoes)

  My favourite gal Myrna Loy certainly had a head for hats!

  Several months ago I started working on a little set of illustrations inspired by Myrna Loy. Despite trying to concentrate on other work I keep coming back to this delightful little project and adding more ideas and scenes. I always strikes me how marvellous she looked, whether it be in a 1930's jaunty beret or a 1940's turban...'Myrna knows Hats!!'

Myrna Loy inspired illustrations

'Did you say something about scrambled eggs?' I love the way Asta appears just at the very end..

  I never get tired of reading about Myrna and her incredible life and career. I just adore watching her movies no matter how many times I've seen them. I was so thrilled last week when I discovered two movie gems - that I not seen before- hidden in the depths of the Internet - 'When Ladies Meet' 1933 and 'Topaze' also 1933. I'll admit they're not as snappy and 'Ms Loy' focused as her hugely popular future vehicles, but these movies were made just before she 'hit the big time' in The Thin Man 1934. As usual Myrna looks so smart and stylish, you can't take you eyes off her when she's on the screen, she shines, she stands out and it's easy to see that her already amazing career is about to get even more exciting. In 'Topaze' she wears two very cute hats that captured my attention and prompted me to rework my 'Myrna knows Hats' illustration. It's not that I wasn't happy with my first one I just felt the urge to illustrate hats that were recognisable from particular movies.

When Ladies Meet 1933

Here are the hats I've featured in my illustration...

Clockwise from top left:  Topaze 1933, Thirteen Women 1932, Shadow of the Thin Man 1941, The Thin Man 1934, Test Pilot 1938, Lucky Night 1939

The Prizefighter and the Lady 1933

Stamboul Quest 1934

Clockwise from top left: Publicity shot for Whipsaw 1935, Shadow of the Thin Man, publicity shot, The Thin Man 1934, Whipsaw 1935 and The Prizefighter and the Lady 1933

A head full of olives! The Martini Hat in 'Third Finger Left Hand' 1940