Thursday, 17 July 2014

The Women.....

  The Women 1939

  It has to be one of the most fabulous movies of all time right? I've watched this movie so many times I can practically recite it! A cast full of MGM leading ladies all in one picture, directed by the one and only George Cukor, lavishly costume designed by - in my opinion - the God of gowns Adrian and with some of the wittiest wise cracks and outstanding character performances all rolled up into one movie, what's not to like about The Women!

What a line-up! L to R Florence Nash,  Phyllis Povah, Rosalind Russell, Joan Crawford, Norma Shearer, Paulette Goddard, Mary Boland, Joan Fontaine.

  Ever since I was a little girl I've sketched characters and costumes whilst watching old movies. So a few weeks ago I took myself off to bed with my sketch book and dvd of The Women and attempted to 'Pip' each and every fabulous character!

Sketchy late night drawings

  Over the course of the Summer I'm going to build up a collection of the whole cast, including some of the very small roles - my favourite being the gossiping, big eyed manicurist Olga.  Here are a few I've already painted. I may well do one or two of them again but here's how they are looking so far.....

  One of my absolute favourites, the scene stealing Mary Boland as The Countess De Lave.....

Paulette Goddard  and Mary Boland as Miriam and the Countess

2 small roles that stand out in the The Women are from Dennie Moore as Olga the manicurist and Virginia Grey as Pat the perfume counter clerk.
And yes I do own a bottle of Jungle Red!!

  I'm still yet to create Mary Haines (Norma Shearer) I've sketched her up several times but not yet got her quite right, but there will be further attempts over the weekend.

'I've had two years to grow claws, mother....Jungle Red!!!'

  And you know I said I wouldn't be able to hold back on creating a slinky hooded fox that is Miriam Adams....

'Champagne?...Right you are!'
 Paulette Goddard as Miriam Aarons

Then there's hysterical Gossip Queen - Sylvia Fowler!....

Pip x

Friday, 11 July 2014

Latest Work....

Having a gossip with Myrna Loy

  I do post a lot of images on Instagram - working progress, things that inspire me, books, movie pics and vintage clothes etc... so here's a few images lifted from my IG account of my latest work. As you will see I have started to illustrate some little portraits of the all female cast of The Women 1939  I could go on and on about the beauty of this movie from the characters and the witty one liners to the amazing costumes designed by the one and only Adrian I will bring you a nice big 'The Women' post next week hopefully with some shots of my inspired pieces of work. I'm hopefully going to try and squeeze in a few dolls inspired by the movie too (which I'm so glad I own on DVD as I can watch it endlessly) they may take me all Summer as I'll have less time, but I don't think I'll be able to hold back on making a glamorous and sassy character in a 1940's hooded dress! I so want a dress like the hooded beauty Paulette Goddard wears in her first scene. I am constantly on the look out for one!

Lets all have a little drinky!  The Women 1939 Paulette Goddard as Miriam, Mary Boland as the Countess De Lave and Norma Shearer as Mary Haines