Wednesday, 19 November 2014

The Thin Man Christmas Cards....

  Have a fabulous Thin Man style Christmas!

  Due to my first batch of martini swigging Nora Charles cards selling out super quick, I'm pleased to announce there are now more sets in my Etsy Shop - a limited amount. I'm really enjoying the popularity of the cards but making them up is time consuming so I'm staggering my listings.

  These three cute little scenes are all inspired by The Thin Man 1934. There are little extra touches which I'm sure Thin Man fanatics will perhaps notice. 

'He's dragged me into every gin mill on the block!'
You will notice an additional hat box to her ensemble. This hat box appears in the second Thin Man movie 'After the Thin Man'

'Asta, is your balloon busted?'
 Nora doesn't hold a Christmas wreath but it does appear on the door of their appartment

'Have a cocktail'

Without captions are mounted onto festive red card.

With captions are mounted onto festive dark green card.

  Each card has a handmade quality in that they are printed on beautiful Bockingford watercolour printer paper, mounted onto a ready folded festive coloured card then touched up with additional gold sparkle. I have created each card by hand and created two separate listings: with or without captions. As a Thin Man fan you'll get the captions but without captions they are still very pretty cards and will still appeal to those who don't know the movie. I hope you like what I've created this year, I wanted this collection to have more of a pressie feel rather than a mass produced looking card.

  Creating lots of commissions at the moment but I'm still hoping to fit in a few fairies first week of December. 

Love Pip x